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How to make calls from mobile phone?

You can place calls over the SIPNET network from any softphone. It does not take long to configure a softphone. Choose an application in the list, download and configure it after viewing the common softphone settings. While you are at it, we also recommend installing the application for placing calls from your mobile phone or pocket PC. Install a softphone on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or pocket PC, to place long-distance and international calls at low Internet telephony rates.


3CX Phone, AGEphone, Bria, Call-центр Oktell, Ekiga, Express Talk, eyeBeam, Firefox VoIP Extension, Infra Call Center, Kapanga, Linphone, Miranda, Octophone, PortSIPQIP Infium, SIP Communicator, VaxVoip Sip SDK, Windows Messenger, X-Lite, X-PRO, Yate, ZoIPer

Mac OS X

Express Talk, Jitsi (SIP Communicator), X-Lite, ZoIPer.


3CX Phone, Acrobits, Bria, fring, iTaxofon, Linphone.


3CX Phone, Acrobits, Bria, fring, Kapanga, Linphone.


Bria, Ekiga, Firefox VoIP Extension, KPhone, Linphone, SFLphone, Twinkle, Yate, ZoIPer.

Common softphone settings are available here.