Password recovery by login or SIP ID


Recommended Settings

Configuring desktop and mobile softphones could not be simpler. To configure the settings, you will need your SIP ID that you received when registering with SIPNET as well as your password. Most softphones will prompt you for the following details only

  • SIP Server | Registrar | Server: sipnet.net
  • Username | Login | User ID | Alias: YOUR SIP ID
  • Password: YOUR PASSWORD

Other softphones may prompt you for other details:

  • Outbound proxy (if required): sipnet.net
  • Domain, Realm: sipnet.net
  • Server | Proxy port: 5060 (when using UDP or TCP) or 5061 (for TLS)
  • Authorisation name | Auth ID or similar: not used or specify SIP ID
  • Display Name: any text, such as your actual name or account name; do not use Cyrillic script
  • STUN server (if required): stun.sipnet.net, STUN port: 3478

Enjoy your communication!