Password recovery by login or SIP ID


Enter your phone number
To register a corporate account send an application
Get at the first registration of your mobile or fixed phone

1$ per account


This is important

Registration means your accept SIPNET service rules and terms of use. It is impossible to register again under the same login name.

After registeration, you will have an SIP ID assigned to you. The initial account has «Trial Access» status.

In «Trial Access» mode, you can call other SIPNET users only.


To make calls to fixed or mobile numbers to any city, including  CIS or overseas, you need to get "Permanent User" status. How to get "Permanent User" status:

How to get "Permanent User" status:

Option 1: Register your mobile phone number Your account will be credited with 1 USD, enabling you to make long-distance calls.

Option 2: Upload funds to your account. The minimum upload amount is 3 USD.