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Make calls
directly from browser

Calls to anywhere in the world, just for you. Here and now.


It doesn't get easier!

It is possible to call directly from the browser without installing additional software

Secure connection

All conversations using WebRTC technology are encrypted and exclude the possibility of interception and listening

Favorable rates

Call mobile and landline phones at the best prices

Excellent call quality

The quality of communication will always be on top thanks to modern SIPNET technologies

Specials Features & Limits

  • About the technology WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication)

    WebRTC —is a open-source project, intended to organize data stream between browsers and other applications that support technology "point to point".
    It`s included into recommendations W3C is supported Google Chrome, Mozilla Foundation and Opera Software.

    WebRTC covered by BSD-3 license and its open-source code is based on products from Global IP Solution, by Google in May 2010.

    One of the possibilites application of this technology is call from browser.
    It will allow to create on the site "call us" button, or arrange video-conference with site visitors. Using WebRTC allows to manage without additional software. All you need is already built in to browser and eady to use.

    SIPNET developers monitor the progress of this technology and make every effort to expand the list of services provided using WebRTC.
    Starting from the opportunity to call to Customer Service to create a CRM system, where everything necessary for manager`s work and integrated into the WEB-interface.

  • Devices and OS with full support WEBRTC

    Currently the technology can fully support:

    PC with OS X, Windows, Linux and web-browsers Google Chrome, Yandex browser, FireFox and Opera last versions.

  • Permission to use the microphone

    Do not forget to allow permission to use the microphone when making first call .

  • Privacy and the useage of additional equipment

    All conversations with technology WebRTC are encrypted and eliminate the possibility of intercepton and listening in the Internet by third parties.

    Using headphones or a headset is recomended for most mobile devices with speakerphone function mode.

  • Quality requirements for data network

    Quality of call is stable when using WiFi or cable connection for Internet access.

    In other cases (for example, using 3G / 4G) quality depends on  stability  of the channel of your mobile operator.

  • Test mode limits

    In test mode, you can dial one phone number no more than 10 times.

    Calls to landline numbers may include advertising and have a time limit.

    Not all destinations are available for calls in a test mode.

    Calls to SIP ID do not contain restrictions and advertising.

  • Dialing in tone mode(DTMF)

    Stable operation of the dialing in tone mode (DTMF) at the moment can not be guaranteed  at the moment.