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Сalls from mobile phone

  • How to make calls from mobile phone?

    You can place calls over the SIPNET network from any softphone. It does not take long to configure a softphone. Choose an application in the list, download and configure it after viewing the common softphone settings. While you are at it, we also recommend installing the application for placing calls from your mobile phone or pocket PC. Install a softphone on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or pocket PC, to place long-distance and international calls at low Internet telephony rates.


    3CX Phone, AGEphone, Bria, Call-центр Oktell, Ekiga, Express Talk, eyeBeam, Firefox VoIP Extension, Infra Call Center, Kapanga, Linphone, Miranda, Octophone, PortSIPQIP Infium, SIP Communicator, VaxVoip Sip SDK, Windows Messenger, X-Lite, X-PRO, Yate, ZoIPer

    Mac OS X

    Express Talk, Jitsi (SIP Communicator), X-Lite, ZoIPer.


    3CX Phone, Acrobits, Bria, fring, iTaxofon, Linphone.


    3CX Phone, Acrobits, Bria, fring, Kapanga, Linphone.


    Bria, Ekiga, Firefox VoIP Extension, KPhone, Linphone, SFLphone, Twinkle, Yate, ZoIPer.

    Common softphone settings are available here.


  • Mobile VoIP application

    It is easy to start saving on long-distance and international calls placed from a mobile phone or tablet computer. All you need to do is download an Internet phone from the iOS App Store (Apple devices) or Android Market (Android devices). Softphone software can be easily configured even by a novice user. Below is a list of the best softphones for Apple and Android devices. Enjoy your communication!

    Recommended mobile VoIP applications:

      Name Description
    (how to configure)
    Mobile VoIP solution supported by iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, as well as Android platform devices.
    (how to configure)
    3CXPhone is a free VoIP softphone for iPhone and Android smartphones.
    Other Other solutions supported by the SIPNET network.
  • Ordering a call

    Unlike VoIP applications for a computer or mobile phone, the application for ordering a call does not require an Internet connection for placing calls. The application sends the call details to the SIPNET server using a mobile text message or a single request over the Internet, and several seconds later you receive an incoming call (free for your account with the mobile operator) and get patched through to your contact. You pay for the call at low SIPNET rates. Please note that an ordered call will cost slightly more than a call placed from a VoIP application. You can make calls in the absence of an Internet connection and avoid high roaming costs.

    Make your phone truly mobile!

    Ordering an incoming call

      Name Description
    NetCall The NetCall application lets you make calls from your mobile phone at low SIPNET rates even when no Internet access is available.
  • Dialing Rules

    You can make calls as soon as you configure the mobile phone application. To place a call, select a contact from the phone book in your mobile phone or enter the contact's number in the international format. Example: 4930XXXXXXX (Berlin), 7495XXXXXXX (Moscow), 396XXXXXXXXX (Rome)