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  • What is the minimum balance for calls?

    The calls to proper numbers is blocked, when balance on your account is less than 0.05 C.U. "SMS call order" is unavailable when the balance is less than 0.50 C.U.

  • Can I make a refund from the secondary to the primary account?

    Yes, you can. Credit a negative amount to your secondary account.

  • Payment Methods

    Uploading SIPNET account is as easy as paying your mobile phone bill. You have the option of paying for SIPNET services with a bank card or Virtual Currency(WebMoney, Yandex.Money). Russian and Ukrainian users can also use cash payment via POS (local payment must be processed in the country's native currency).

    Topping up your SIPNET account with a bank card online

    We accept the following bank cards:

    • American Express
    • MasterCard (including Maestro/Cirrus)
    • Visa (including Visa Electron)
    • JCB

    You can avoid commission fees and additional charges by uploading funds to your SIPNET account from a bank card. The transaction sum is fully credited to your account.

    Funds will be uploaded to your account within three business days of the transaction. Please note that a transfer made by mistake can be refunded to your bank card only. You can always contact your bank and ask all questions about refunds of transfers made by mistake.

    Topping up your SIPNET account via the Skrill payment system

    Users can use the Skrill payment system to upload funds to their SIPNET accounts.

    If you are not a Skrill user, you have to register in the system and upload funds to your Moneybookers account..

    Please note that you may be charged a commission fee depending on how you upload funds to your Skrill account or where you live..

    After uploading funds to your Skrill account, you will be able to top up your SIPNET account.

  • Interest-Free Credit

    You can call to fixed or mobile numbers even when your account balance is empty. The Interest-Free Credit service is available to every permanent user of SIPNET. The service is active for 5 days.

    The amount of available credit is calculated individually for each user. It is equivalent to 5% of the total amount uploaded to the user's SIPNET account over the past six months.

    For example, if you have spent 100 USD on long-distance and international calls over the past six months, you can get 5 USD in credit.

  • Secondary account

    If you would like your relatives or employees to save on telephony costs, you might want to create secondary SIPNET accounts for them. In your Personal Profile you have the option of creating secondary accounts for the people you trust.

    While other people will be using such secondary accounts, you reserve the right to keep their spending in check or top up their accounts from primary account.

  • Free calls

    All SIPNET users call each other free of charge from any place over the Internet — users are not charged for connections within the network or limited by time. 

    Free calls to users in the cities participating in the FREE Calls across Russia and Abroad! campaigns are available to SIPNET users with the permanent user status. 

    SIPNET users can receive free calls from the residents of more than 50 Russian, CIS, and U.S. cities calling SIPNET city access telephones. The cities and local access telephone numbers are listed on the Access from Cities page in My Profile. 

    Be aware! Payment under the Access from Cities service will be charged to a SIPNET user at the tariffs specified in the service section.