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How SIPNET works?

  • How does SIPNET work?

    During a standard telephone call, two users from different cities communicate over an expensive long-distance loop which will be busy while they are talking. 

    VoIP connection does not use long-distance loops. It loads only small sections of cheap city lines to the ones nearest to VoIP telephony server users. You will talk via the Internet. That is why the cost of VoIP calls is much lower than you are used to. 

    As an example, when a SIPNET user communicates with a user from another city, his/her computer or SIP device transforms voice over the telephone into digital format and sends packages via the Internet to the VoIP telephony server closest to the user. Voice packages are then sent via Internet to the other city to the VoIP telephony server closest to the user's interlocutor. This server transforms voice packages in normal voice and sends it via the city network to the interlocutor's telephone set. 

    Direct VoIP calls within SIPNET (SIP ID-SIP ID calls) do not use city or long-distance loops and communication is over the Internet which means the best voice quality and zero connection fee. 

    If a city network user calls a SIPNET user using SIP ID, voice over the telephone is transmitted from the city network to the local VoIP telephony server where it is transformed in digital packages and transmitted over the Internet directly to SIPNET user's computer or SIP device. 

  • Cheap international calls

    What is your monthly bill for international calls? Perhaps you have not heard that Internet calls are cheaper and that the cost does not depend on the location from which you are calling. To save on long-distance and international calls, you only need a computer with Internet access, a microphone and speakers. To make calls, install the – Sippoint Softphone application on your computer. Even a novice user can install the application in a matter of minutes by following our detailed instructions. 

    You can also use SIPNET services from your mobile phone and save on your calls while on vacation or when travelling on business. It does not get any easier. Just view the SIPNET mobile application guide.

    SIPNET offers services to individuals and corporations alike. Would you like to optimise your corporate telephony bills? Then you have come to the right place. You can use any equipment (from VoIP gateways to office IP-PBX systems) from an impressive list of products by leading international vendors.


  • Why SIPNET?

    VoIP telephony is a unique solution for "Price/Quality/Capabilities" by significantly reducing telecommunication costs.

    • The main benefit of SIPNET VoIP technology is the use by SIPNET of an open and widely used SIP protocol instead of a closed one. That is why, unlike other Skype networks, SIPNET offers the use of SIP equipment from any global manufacturers: from simple SIP adapters (VoIP gateways) to office IP-ATC.
    • SIPNET users can benefit from many additional services and extended service settings and management capabilities.
    • Any software IPTEL that supports SIP protocol can be used to make VoIP calls from your computer.
    • SIPNET offers low tariffs for calls to city and cellular network users in any country of the world. Users can communicate within SIPNET free of charge.
    • On-line support for SIPNET customers is one of the best helplines among telecommunication operators.