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Call directly from your browser

In the SIPNET Personal Office you can`t only manage services, but also to make calls.

Simply sign in the Personal Office to "WebRTC" section, enter a phone number and click "Call".

Your computer must have a sound card with connected speakers and microphone, or headset (headphones with microphone).
Built-in laptop speakers are suitable for making calls too.

In the section «WebRTC» you'll find a handy list of subscriber numbers (address book) and calls statistic, there is also an opportunity to check the quality of communication(make calibration call) or contact to Customer service.

WebRTC technology originally built into all modern browsers and can run on PC, tablets and smartphones, regardless of the hardware platform or operation system.

WebRTC fully supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, as well as all the products are based on Chromium (Opera, Yandex .Browser and other) projects.