Password recovery by login or SIP ID


How can we write the telephone number you have provided us with to our clients? Will it include our city code and which one? Does it mean it will be a standard telephone number (495) 1234567 or a number without a specific city code?

We assign you a SIP ID instead of a telephone number. You can tell your friends/clients/partners your SIP ID as "sip:1234567@sipnet.ru" (if they can make IP calls). If you want to answer calls made from standard telephones, tell your friends/clients/partners your digital SIP ID, e.g. "1234567" or the city access telephone number. Applicable access telephone numbers are published on the City Access page in My Profile.

Also you can get a phone number in the Russian and  Kazakhstanian codes.  To clarify the terms of purchase, you can by email  need@sipnet.ru