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Call through SIPNET and save. Our tariffs are significantly lower tariffs for international calls conventional operators.

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Turkey Istanbul $0.1–0.1


Cheap calls to Istanbul

SIPNET has many advantages compared to traditional telephone communication. Today it is one of the most affordable and popular types of telephony. SIPNET allows to make inexpensive calls to Istanbul, and to many other destinations using the method that is most convenient for you.

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SIPNET allows to make cheap calls to Istanbul in a number of ways: from your browser, using phone or PC application or SMS

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SIPNET users may top up their accounts through payment terminals, bank cards, mobile and Internet payments, as well as from their bank accounts

Cheap calls to any operators in Istanbul

Call to Istanbul and save on communication? SIPNET offers quality communication and attractive rates for calls to Istanbul. SIP-telephony allows you to make cheap calls to subscribers of the major operators.

No matter where you are calling from - cost of call depends only on recipient location. SIPNET calls are handled by a number of VoIP-operators providing services at different cost. Out of all offers made by VOIP providers, you automatically get services of the one who guarantees the best quality at accessible price.

Cost of calls is detailed in the list below. You may use SIPNET to make cheap calls both on mobile and landline phones in Istanbul.

Free calls to Istanbul

SIPNET not only allows you to make cheap calls to Istanbul, but also call for free. If you participate in our offer, every call to Istanbul in the days when the offer is valid for this destination is totally free! Click here to learn more about conditions of this promotion.

SIPNET advantages over conventional phone communication

Using SIPNET you get a number of advantages as compared to traditional telephone communication. This modern telephony allows to significantly reduce your communication expenses. SIP-telephony is a convenient way to make calls to Istanbul, Tashkent, and to many other cities and countries from anywhere in the world with no additional roaming expenses.

Affordable cost of calls is only one of numerous features of SIP-telephony. SIPNET allows to make calls in a number of ways: using your PC, smartphone or SIP-phone. This modern type of telephony requires no additional maintenance expenses or purchasing a special software. To start using SIPNET just sign up at our site.


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