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Free calls for everyone!

Free calls to Russia & other countries!

Free calls every day!

Russia Moscow from 1 October 2010 to …
Russia St. Petersburg from 1 October 2010 to …

To use the special offer: 

  1. Register in the SIPNET network. 
  2. Maintain your account balance at no less than 10 USD. You can use these funds at any time to have commercial calls to other prepaid destinations. 
  3. Register your mobile phone number in your SIPNET Personal Office under the "Profile", "Caller ID" section. 

By following these rules, SIPNET users can have free calls to fixed numbers* at the destinations covered by the special offer**.

The special offer begins at 00:00 UTC. Example: at the time of the Seoul the special offer starts at 09:00.

* - Calls to mobile phone numbers are charged at current SIPNET rates.
** - Attention! The following limits apply for the duration of the special offer. 

Special Offer Calendar

February, 2019

18–19 Today! Russia Kirov
19–20 Today! Martinique Proper
20–21 Russia Cherkessk
21–22 French Guiana Proper
22–23 Russia Elista
23–24 Poland Proper
24–25 Russia Gorno-Altaysk

Usage limits to prevent misuse of service


  1. Calls to the destinations not covered by the special offer and to mobile phone numbers are charged at current SIPNET rates for the relevant destination.
  2. If the user's account balance is lower than 10 USD during the special offer, the user's account will be charged at current SIPNET rates for any subsequent calls even to the destinations covered by the special offer.
  3. SIPNET is not responsible for  overloads in the networks of fixed and mobile operators.
  4. Limits to prevent misuse of service apply to the period of the special offer.

The following limits are applied within the period of special offer:

  • Total duration of free calls – may not exceed  30 minutes per day;
  • Total number of calls – within 24 hours may not exceed 5.

The SIPNET administration has the right to:

  • change the list and nature of limitations at any time to prevent misuse of service;
  • prevent, detect and stop so-called auto-dialler bots from accessing the SIPNET network and block mass sending of voice and text messages, access by call processing center and other mass access to SIPNET services;
  • report violations direct autorities violations of existing laws performed by SIPNET users and report them to the appropriate law observance & compliance to SIPNET limitations.

The SIPNET administration is responsible for observance of the law and SIPNET service limits for the period of special offer.

Participation in this special offer means that SIPNET users accept of the terms of the special offer and are aware of limits to prevent misuse of service.