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NetCall mobile application

The NetCall application lets you place calls from your mobile phone at low SIPNET rates even without Internet access.

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The NetCall application lets you place calls from your mobile phone at low SIPNET rates even without Internet access.

To call a number anywhere in the world (or call your home number from anywhere location), you need to send a one-time request through the NetCall application for a connection to the other person. The request is sent over the Internet (Wi-Fi/GPRS) or via an SMS. The SIPNET telephony server connects your mobile phone to the other persons phone by placing incoming local calls to both phone numbers at the same time. You answer the call and get connected to the other person.

You save money due to the fact that your operator handles the connection as a local incoming call, while the long-distance or international connection cost is charged at low SIPNET online rates. Your mobile operator does not charge you for the free incoming call.

Additional savings come from the fact that, unlike other mobile VoIP applications, you need an Internet connection only to send a connection request through NetCall, not for the entire duration of the call. Meanwhile, no Internet connection is required if you use an SMS message to initiate the call.

Why NetCall?

  • Calls to any fixed or mobile numbers at low SIPNET rates.
  • No call connection pay.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • A must-have for travellers: helps avoid high roaming costs. All you need is a local SIM card.
  • No Internet connection is required: you can send an SMS message to request a call. This is convenient when abroad or where GPRS/3G coverage is unstable.
  • A unique opportunity to call any Skype and SIPNET users from a mobile phone.
  • A good bonus system. Get your friend or customer to sign up with SIPNET through your invitation to earn a bonus of 5% of their first payment and always collect 10% bonuses on all charges for calls made by your friend/customer.
  • NetCall offers a quick and convenient way to transfer all your mobile phone contacts to Sippoint and your SIPNET Personal Office. Make calls cheaper than ever before!
  • You can pay for our services using a method of your choice: with cash through mobile stores or payment terminals, over the Internet, using bank cards or e-money.

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