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Save on the calls from your smartphone with NetCall

Install an application to your smartphone and save on the calls to anywhere in the world. No internet and additional SIM-card is required.

The Cost

, $
The cost of sending an SMS text message from your SIM-card
, $
The cost of receiving call your SIM-card, per minute

Save on the calls from your smartphone

It`s as easy to call as you do it daily
with your smartphone interface.
It`s recommend for international calls
and when you`re in roaming.
Call everywhere you`ve got mobile connection.
You don`t need constant Internet access.
Your subscriber will have your number identified.
You`ll use the contact list of your smartphone.


Install free application NetCall and save on your calls even without Internet

Select your smartphone`s OS
and install NetCall application from SIPNET.

Use NetCall as standard dialer
for calls by SIPNET low-cost rates.








  1. Download NetCall application for your mobile device.
  2. Pass quick registration in the application.
  3. Enter your subscriber`s number.
  4. Wait for the incoming call.
Easy call from NetCall
  • Calls to any international landline and mobile numbers at low tariffs of SIPNET.
  • For tourist: it helps saving on roaming expenses. Local SIM-card is all you need.
  • You don`t need Internet access. You can use SMS to order your call.
  • Pay any usefull way: using your bank card(PayPall, Scrill) or e-money(Webmoney, Yandex.Money and etc.) 

NetCall Rates

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Login can contain Latin letters, digits, underscores and dots.

Login must contain at least one letter. The login cannot begin or end with a dot.

Length of the login — no more than 40 characters.

An example of the correct login: petroff.555_fan

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Password strength

The password can contain Latin letters, numbers and symbols:


The password cannot match your login. Password length from 6 to 16 characters.

For example, strong password: Petro_film65

  • Get 1 USD the account when you first time register your mobile or landline phone in your account