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Direction Price
Russia Adygeya region $0.0180.018
Russia Astrakhan region $0.0150.015
Russia Astrakhan $0.0150.015
Russia Barnaul $0.0150.015
Russia Belgorod $0.0150.015
Russia Bryansk $0.0150.015
Russia Bryansk region $0.0230.023
Russia Velikiy Novgorod $0.0150.015
Russia Vladivostok $0.0230.023
Russia Vladikavkaz $0.0150.015
Russia Vladimir $0.0150.015
Russia Vladimir region $0.0180.018
Russia Volgograd $0.0150.015
Russia Volgograd region $0.0150.015
Russia Vologda $0.0150.015
Russia Vologda region $0.0150.015
Russia Voronezh $0.0130.013
Russia Voronezh region $0.0200.020
Russia Gorno-Altaysk $0.0180.018
Russia Groznyy $0.0150.015
Russia Dagestan region $0.0180.018
Russia Ekaterinburg $0.0100.010
Russia Ivanovo $0.0130.013
Russia Ivanovo region $0.0200.020
Russia Izhevsk $0.0150.015
Russia Ingushetia region $0.0180.018
Russia Irkutsk $0.0150.015
Russia Ioshkar-Ola $0.0160.016
Russia Kabardino-Balkarian region $0.0180.018
Russia Kazan $0.0210.021
Russia Kaliningrad $0.0180.018
Russia Kaliningrad region $0.0150.015
Russia Kalmykia region $0.0180.018
Russia Kaluga $0.0180.018
Russia Karachaevo-Circassian region $0.0180.018
Russia Kemerovo $0.0150.015
Russia Kirov $0.0160.016
Russia Kirov region $0.0180.018
Russia Kostroma $0.0150.015
Russia Kostroma region $0.0150.015
Russia Krasnodar $0.0120.012
Russia Krasnodar region $0.0150.015
Russia Krasnoyarsk $0.0200.020
Russia Crimea $0.0260.026
Russia Kurgan $0.0100.010
Russia Kursk $0.0150.015
Russia Kursk region $0.0150.015
Russia Kyzyl $0.0200.020
Russia Leningrad region $0.0150.015
Russia Lipetsk $0.0150.015
Russia Lipetsk region $0.0150.015
Russia Maikop $0.0180.018
Russia Maria El region $0.0180.018
Russia Makhachkala $0.0180.018
Russia Mineral Vody region $0.0180.018
Russia Mobile - BeeLine $0.0270.027
Russia Mobile - Megafon $0.0270.027
Russia Mobile - MTS $0.0270.027
Russia Mobile - Others $0.0270.027
Russia Mordovia region $0.0150.015
Russia Moscow $0.0100.010
Russia Naberezhnye Chelny $0.0210.021
Russia Nazran $0.0180.018
Russia Nalchik $0.0180.018
Russia Nizhni Novgorod region $0.0180.018
Russia Nizhni Novgorod $0.0160.016
Russia Novgorod region $0.0150.015
Russia Novokuznetsk $0.0230.023
Russia Novosibirsk $0.0150.015
Russia Omsk $0.0160.016
Russia Oryol $0.0130.013
Russia Orenburg $0.0150.015
Russia Orenburg region $0.0150.015
Russia Oryol region $0.0150.015
Russia Penza $0.0160.016
Russia Penza region $0.0150.015
Russia Perm $0.0100.010
Russia Pskov $0.0150.015
Russia Pskov region $0.0150.015
Russia Rostov-na-Donu $0.0150.015
Russia Rostov region $0.0150.015
Russia Ryazan region $0.0150.015
Russia Ryazan $0.0130.013
Russia Samara $0.0160.016
Russia Samara region $0.0170.017
Russia St. Petersburg $0.0140.014
Russia Saransk $0.0160.016
Russia Saratov $0.0160.016
Russia Saratov region $0.0180.018
Russia Sverdlovsk region $0.0200.020
Russia Sevastopol $0.0260.026
Russia Severnaya Osetiya region $0.0150.015
Russia Simferopol $0.0260.026
Russia Smolensk $0.0130.013
Russia Smolensk region $0.0150.015
Russia Sochi $0.0150.015
Russia Stavropol $0.0150.015
Russia Stavropol region $0.0150.015
Russia Surgut $0.0130.013
Russia Tambov $0.0180.018
Russia Tambov region $0.0150.015
Russia Tatarstan region $0.0210.021
Russia Tver region $0.0150.015
Russia Tver $0.0130.013
Russia Tolyatti $0.0150.015
Russia Tomsk $0.0200.020
Russia Tula $0.0130.013
Russia Tula region $0.0150.015
Russia Tyumen $0.0100.010
Russia Udmurt region $0.0150.015
Russia Ulyanovsk $0.0160.016
Russia Ulyanovsk region $0.0150.015
Russia Ufa $0.0200.020
Russia Khabarovsk $0.0230.023
Russia Cheboksary $0.0160.016
Russia Chelyabinsk $0.0100.010
Russia Cherepovets $0.0180.018
Russia Cherepovets region $0.0200.020
Russia Cherkessk $0.0180.018
Russia Chechen region $0.0180.018
Russia Chuvash region $0.0200.020
Russia Elista $0.0180.018
Russia Yaroslavl $0.0150.015
Russia Yaroslavl region $0.0150.015
Russia Mobile - Tele2 $0.0270.027
Russia Mobile $0.0270.027
Russia Moscow SIPNET $0.0100.010


Cheap calls to Russia

SIPNET helps you save on long distance and international calls. We offer beneficial rates for calls to both landline and mobile numbers in Russia. SIPNET today is advanced and one of the most popular types of telephony. It is an easy accessible way of international communication allowing to make calls to Russia, Abkhazia, and many other countries on the most favorable terms. SIPNET automatically selects the most favorable rate of the available VOIP-providers.

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Don't know how to call Russiaat minimum cost? Try SIPNET. Our rates for calls to Russia are much lower than those of conventional operators.

It does not matter where you are calling from - from inside or from outside the country - cost of calls to Russia only depends on location of the person you are calling. In SIPNET, all calls are handled not by one but by a number of VoIP-operators providing services at different prices. Our clients are automatically offered the services of operators ensuring the best available quality of communication at the minimum available price.

To learn about cost of call please refer to the below list of rates. All rates are specified per minute. No connection fee applied. To start using SIPNET and saving on calls to Russia you only need to register.

Free calls to Russia?

SIPNET not only provides the lowest rates on calls to %страну%, but also regularly makes special offers for their users. During the days of free calls to %страну%, you may call landline numbers in this country for free. Learn the details and schedule of offer here.

Why is SIPNET better than conventional phone communication?

SIP-telephony allows you to save considerable amounts on long distance and international calls. SIP telephony allows you to save up to 70% on your calls. We offer a high quality cost-efficient communication, no matter whether you are calling to Russia or to any other destination around the world.

Affordable rates — only one among many benefits of SIP-telephony. You may use SIPNET the way that is most convenient for you: on your PC, smartphone, using SIP-phones and other methods. Moreover, this telephony requires no expenses for equipment, maintenance or software. You may start using SIPNET after registration on our site.