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Conference SMS Callback


Send a word "multi" to +79994446543 stating several numbers of your subscribers. SIPNET server will connect all conference members into conference call. 


What is the benefit?

The call will be tarified as an incoming call to your mobile number. We do not recomend to use mobile number in roaming! Use local or "tourist" SIM-card instead with free incoming calls in the country of stay.

The cost

The connection price will be the sum of tariffs on  two destinations: your tariff for connection + tariff on your subscriber destination. This amount will be writen off from your SIPNET account. If the subscriber doesn`t answer the 1st part of your call from SIPNET server to the caller`s number — will be included in the calls staticstic.

What other costs may appear?

You`ll be charged by your mobile operator for 1 SMS to russian cellular operator(Beeline) and an incomig call cost will be charge in accordance with the prices of your operator and your location.