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IP phones

If you often make long-distance calls and would like to do so with the same kind of comfort you expect of a regular phone, you should buy a desktop IP phone.

Name Description
Gigaset phones Gigaset phones combine the benefits of modern online telephony and classic telephony services
Addpac AddPac offers cheap solutions for setting up IP telephony in a corporate setting.
D-Link IP phones by D-Link support call forwarding, Caller ID, three-party conferencing and speed dial.
GrandStream IP phones by GrandStream offer a big selection of functions, auto mass deployment and easy use.
Linksys Under the Linksys brand, Cisco supplies equipment, including IP phones that are very similar to devices marketed by competotors.
Yealink Even the basic models of Yealink IP phones come with many functions and offer high-quality communication with advanced components and technology.
Zyxel The model line of Zyxel IP phones features solutions that support the SIP protocol for home and office use.
Other Other solutions supported by the SIPNET network.