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NetCall for Android

NetCall user guide NetCall (version Android):

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Install the NetCall application on your mobile phone and have long-distance and international calls at SIPNET online rates at a fraction of what mobile operators charge you.

How to install NetCall

Choose a way to install the application:

  1. Open the link http://netcall.me in your phone
  2. Open the NetCall in the Google Play catalogue and download the application.

NetCall appearance (common screenshots)



Login can contain Latin letters, digits, underscores and dots.

Login must contain at least one letter. The login cannot begin or end with a dot.

Length of the login — no more than 40 characters.

An example of the correct login: petroff.555_fan

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Password strength

The password can contain Latin letters, numbers and symbols:


The password cannot match your login. Password length from 6 to 16 characters.

For example, strong password: Petro_film65

  • Get 1 USD the account when you first time register your mobile or landline phone in your account