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Use Sippoint to communicate

Instant messaging and calls between computers

Sippoint users can call each other (and other SIPNET users) and send instant messages between computers free of charge.

To send a message to your subscriber, double left-click the name of your contact. This will open the contact's tab with a chat window. In the main window, your contact will appear in a group called 'Open chats'.

Compact window mode

Full window mode

After you open it, the chat window will be docked to the main window. To separate the chat window from the main window, click the compact window mode button. The main window and the chat window can be docked to the screen edges and corners.

The tab contains the name and picture of your contact, the button for calling the contact's computer, and the 'Contact details' tab where you can view the details specified by your contact on registration.

You can switch between several tabs at the same time. To switch between tabs, select one of the contacts in the tab 'Open chats' on the main window. In compact window mode, you can select the contact you need by clicking tabs located at the bottom of the chat window. Click the 'Close tab' button to close the tab of your contact. Closing the last open tab will make window disappear.

Instant messaging window. This window contains two main fields. In the bottom field you can type the text of the message to be sent to your contact. The top field shows your conversation: both your outgoing messages and those received from your contact.

To send your message, press the Enter key on your keyboard or click the 'Send' button in the bottom right corner of the window. On receiving an incoming message, you will see a message alert in the bottom right corner of the screen and hear a new message tone.

Note the three buttons under the message entry window. 
Clicking the first button lets you insert a smiley in your message. 
Clicking the second button lets you change the message font. You can modify the font size, colour and style as well as change the message background. 
Clicking the third button opens the entire history of messages exchanged with this particular contact. To view the message history for the past two days, week or month, you can use the buttons located between the message view and the message entry field.


To place a free call to the computer of another Sippoint user, click the 'Call' button in the chat window or right-click the contact name and select the 'Voice call' item in the main window.

Before calling a contact's computer, make sure that the contact's status is 'Online'. If the contact is currently offline, you can call the contact's mobile or fixed number. 
You can delete a contact using the right-click menu. 
Click the 'Cancel' button to finish your conversation. 
On receiving an incoming call, you will hear the incoming call tune and see this window.

To answer the call without turning on the web camera, click the 'Answer' button. To answer in the video call mode, click the 'Answer with video' button.


The Sippoint softphone lets you record your calls. To start recording, click the button with a red circle next to the 'Cancel' button. Please consider the ethical aspect of recorded calls. Before using the recording function ensure to notiry  your called party about this.

To open the list of recorded calls, click the 'Open recorded calls' button under the Notifications item of the application settings menu.

Video calls

If your called subscriber has a web camera, you can use the video call feature. To do so, click the 'Video call' button in the chat window.

To disable your web camera, click the 'Stop video transmission' button at the top of the window. To open a thumbnail view of the video transmitted by your web camera to your contact, move the mouse pointer over the video. 
Note: you can expand the video view. To do so, grab the bottom right corner of the window with the mouse pointer and drag it to resize the window.

Enjoy your communication!

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