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Fast2Call — web instant call from Your site


For Free Calls Enter SIP ID in the Phone Numbers Field
Direct Calls from the Browser. No Software Installation Needed
Unlimited Calls Buttons for Your Site
Selection Set Color (Personal Design)

How does it work?

3 easy step for connection:

  1. Sign up to SIPNET
  2. Choose button design
  3. Receive code and insert to the site
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Question and Answer

  • Where to begin? 

    Sign up and get access to the Personal Office.

    Create Fast2Call button in the Personal Office and insert button code to your site.

  • How much it cost and how make free calls? 

    The calls is free when you create button wtih your SIP ID in the phone number field.

    In another cases calls is bills useful tariff plans.


Login can contain Latin letters, digits, underscores and dots.

Login must contain at least one letter. The login cannot begin or end with a dot.

Length of the login — no more than 40 characters.

An example of the correct login: petroff.555_fan

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Password strength

The password can contain Latin letters, numbers and symbols:


The password cannot match your login. Password length from 6 to 16 characters.

For example, strong password: Petro_film65

  • Get 1 USD the account when you first time register your mobile or landline phone in your account